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Welcome to A New Perspective Counseling Center
Here are some examples of the services we provide...
Individual Counseling
Addressing life challenges like depression, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, anger, substance abuse, trauma, loss, and stress. This type of counseling may be beneficial for individuals seeking personal growth.

couples counseling

Couples Counseling
Areas of relationships typically addressed in couples counseling include communication, intimacy, trust, social life, parenting, roles and responsibilities, and finances.

family counseling

Family Counseling
Sometimes problems exist in how a family interacts. Parent-Child relationships, sibling rivalry, chores, responsibilties and respect are a few of the topics covered in family counseling.


Children and Teens
Kids have their own set of challenges they face. Counseling can help them overcome struggles with peer-pressure, acceptance, school, friends or any other situation they may encounter.

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